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About Us

Establishing the milestones in the catering industry, The Mughal?s are the leader in delivering the essence of the Royal Mughalai taste to the modern generation. Motivated by the golden history of Mughal culture we are making the honest efforts to revitalize the glory of Mughalai cuisine at the global level.

About Us

The foundation of The Mughal?s has been laid by Mr. Syed Aejaz Ahmad, an MBA holder & hard working professional. Realizing the eliteness of the Royal Mughalai Cuisine, he decided to promote the cuisine among the people so that the art of Royal Mughal Kitchen can retain its glory. Through his hard work and commitment, The Mughal?s managed to reach the top most position among the providers of Mughalai food.

In his successful business venture, Mr. Syed Aejaz has got the devoted support of Mr. Adnan Khan thus making The Mughal?s the undisputed ruler in the industry of Royal Mughalai catering. Mr. Adnan Khan with his magnificent business talent has made the remarkable contribution in the successful journey of The Mughal?s. Through their skill of professional and courteous event management and the support of our beloved customers, Mr.Ahmad and Mr. Khan are continuing the journey of success in the industry.

About Us

Today we are delivering excellent catering services for all types of events. With our magical art of cooking and event management.

we are capable of providing the Royal taste as experienced by the Mighty Mughal Kings and Nawabs of the Golden Era.

Our Vision

Our Mission